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Natural Sheep Casings & Beef Casing

​​Soorin Casing, by 40 years experience, Manufactures Natural Lamb/Sheep Casings & Beef Casing and Supplier of its products as Natural Sausage Casings in Europe Union; by exporting to Germany, France, Poland, Italy, Austria, Romania, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Hungary, Belgium, Greece, Bulgaria.

Soorin Casing is proud of his experiences in Natural Sausage Casings industry, based on made advantages for its partners, by using the High-Quality raw materials, hygiene, wide range of Natural Sausage Casings and finally by fulfilling its partners' requirements since 1981.​​​​

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Let us invite you to offer our high-quality products, establish a new cooperation, making advantages and new experiences...​​​​​​​


Lamb/Sheep Casings are the most Smallest, Thinnest and Crisp Natural Casings for Sausages that provide you a Crispy Choose!.

​​​​​​​Soorin Casing offers you Iranian Natural​​​​​​​ Lamb/​​​​​​​Sheep Casings Products merged with a high-quality, under permanent quality control and extensive range of Calibers, Lengths, even Middles!.

Natural Sheep Casings for Sausage /Natural Casings manufacturer
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In our Factory, Natural Sausage Casings are manufactured from accepted quality of Natural Lamb/Sheep Casings in full range of calibers and qualities, by our experienced, committed and dutiful masters and personnel on a planned system, in addition to, Tubing facilities that have made us successful to provide advantages to our clients.

Natural Sheep Casings for Sausage -Natural Sausage Casings manufacturer/supplier(company)
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​Quality is an important main key to be succeeded for companies, and the most important segment is Stable Quality during time, years.

Therefore, a connection among High-Quality Natural​​​​​​​ Lamb/​​​​​​​Sheep Casings raw materials, Hygienic Standards and Experienced and Careful Masters on production, will achieve the company to high-positions in the market and successes!

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