Natural Casings -Natural Sheep Casings for Sausage -Natural Sausage Casings manufacturer/supplier (Company)
 Tubing Machine of sheep casing from SOORIN CASING

Natural casings ​Manufacturing

​We produce and process a full range of calibers and qualities of Natural Sheep Casings in our plant by our experienced, committed and dutiful masters and personnel on a planned system, in addition to, Tubing facilities to provide quick production to our Clients...

​Let us state you steps of manufacturing...

Preparation: confirmed raw materials for production are opened, soaked with water and got ready for next step​​

​Calibration & Quality Checking: on this step, raw materials separate to different categories of calibers & qualities by specific calibration block and water-filled casing

​Measurement: processed casings are measured to make
 91.4m =100 yard as 1 hank

​Salting & Packaging: prepared casings are salted and packed in barrels

​Storage: salted and packed casings are stored in refrigerator in 4-9°c , casings are ready to send to clients’ plant

​Tubing:  processed casings are tubed by specific machine, 1 hank can be tubed on different numbers of tubes based on client’s requirement,